Zero Estate Tax Planning

Why a client might want to consider this:
With your net worth growing and could be (or is over) ten million dollars we should talk about some estate planning. I have a team that specializes in getting our clients to pay $0 estate taxes. We don’t know what the estate limits will be when you die but if we plan we can make sure you don’t pay any and all your assets go to your heirs. Not sure you know but the tax is 40% and could be more depending on what state you live in. I know you have an attorney and we are not going to change that but I think a meeting can help with the planning and can reduce the fees your attorney charges if we do any trust work.
(If the client responds that they have done estate planning then just asked them a simple question. If the tax laws go back to where they were which easily could happen because you are not dying today, then could you pay $0 estate taxes. I think it would be worth a brief meeting. If you are fully set up and it follows the current laws then you are good. Then just review it again in a few years.)

How to Pay ZERO Estate Tax – Interview with Jim Farmer